For My Son… The Teenager

This is where it starts.
This is your beginning.
Are you ready?
I know I’m not. I’m scared as hell.
But whether we’re ready or not, it’s here.
Just a little while ago, you were my baby.
Tiny toes, soft hands, and a little body that nestled so easily in the crook of my arms.
And here you are becoming a man.
Ever-growing feet, callused palms, a body that towers over me so that you can rest your chin atop my head when you wrap me up in your arms.
Yes, it’s tough pill to swallow. But it’s ok because I know what’s in store for you.
You are headed straight for the sweet spot.
The best years of your life.
These are the days you will reminisce upon for Always.
And I want you to Live each moment.
While I’m sure it’s going to be a blast, I also know it won’t always be easy.
So, I want to offer some points to carry with you. A few things I want you promise to remember….

Promise, Sweet Boy, Promise to Remember:

If you’re offered a mint, take it.

Look people in the eye when you speak.

Swing the bat… you might strike out, but you’re never gonna get a hit if you don’t take that swing.

Hold the door.

Laugh with your friends… Not at them.

Don’t ever lie to us. In the words of Mark Twain, “If you tell the Truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

You are going to get in trouble. Of course, I know this is going to happen, and you need to know that every action has consequences. But remember that even when I have to slap you upside the head, I will always have your back.

Keep all your promises, especially the ones you make to yourself.

The best way to get the girl is to make her laugh.

‘Likes’ on social are in no way a testament of how much you are liked.

Be kind.

Confidence is crucial. Whether you fake it until you make it or feel it from day one. When you believe in yourself the world will too.

Saying you are sorry is not a sign of weakness.

You’re never too old to play in the rain.

Respect your elders, but don’t put your faith in people older than you just because of their age.

Don’t get in the car if you don’t trust the driver.

You’re not the only one who’s anxious. Talk about it.

Howl at the moon whenever it calls you.

Admitting when you’ve made a mistake is not failure. The only way to fail is if you continue to make the same mistakes.

When it comes to girls, “Stop” is non-negotiable.

Nobody is a good drunk driver. It doesn’t matter how many times they’ve made it home unscathed.

Trust your gut.

Family is Everything. Take care of your sister. Respect your mama. And aspire to be all that your father believes you can be.

There are going to be moments that make you feel invincible… Feel it… Really feel it… but promise me you’ll remember that you are mortal.

At sixteen you are going to be sure we are wrong. By twenty-six, you’ll realize we were right.

Contrary to popular belief, there IS crying in baseball.

Not everyone was raised the way that you were. Others grow in different directions. But please remember, your roots were planted to ground you.

And even if you forget all of the points before, remember this… I will be here for you, Always. That was a promise I made when I first held you in the crook of my arms and a promise I’ve intended to keep long after you’ve outgrown them.

Here’s to the teenage years and beyond! I Love You Like A Rock, My Boy! Keep making me proud to be your Mom!

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