Like A Boss

Raise Her Wild

img_0567Her hand clutches her hip. Her chin held high. He words leave her lips with force. “This is how we are going to play this game,” she asserts.

Her friends fall into place, but I hear one of them whisper to another. “She’s so bossy.”

I immediately cringe.

That word hits me like an age-old spear through the gut.

I was ‘bossy’ too. (Still am)

Nobody likes a bossy girl.

All the moms agree. Bossy girls are the worst.

On the same day, I see my boy in the side yard. Barking out orders about how to hit the ball. Telling all the neighborhood kids the rules and strictly enforcing his right as guardian of his realm to assert his dominance.

My husband’s chest swells. All the dads agree. The kid’s a leader. A strong force on the field.

I don’t have to spell out this double standard.

Unfortunately, it…

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