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To Love The Working Man

My kitchen smells amazing. I’ve spent hours cooking our family-favorite chicken dinner. The potatoes are whipped to perfection. The gravy is thick and aromatic. The chicken has settled after coming out of the oven, and my knife glides through with ease as I slice it. The kids are at the table, mouths watering. Mine is… Continue reading To Love The Working Man

Here’s to the Friends

Here’s to the friends who sit beside us. The ones who come without needing an invitation. The ones who hear, “I’m fine,” and show up on our doorstep anyway. The ones who walk, unfazed, into our mess and plop themselves right smack down in the middle of it. The ones who don’t downplay our storms… Continue reading Here’s to the Friends

Let’s be Real

Listen close, dear daughter… You don’t have to play the part of the good girl.I know the weight that it carries.Trying to be ‘good.’Good is doing all the right things.Good is self-sacrifice.Good is what’s expected.Good is what’s praised. Except Good is subjective. What looks good for someCan feel terrible for others.What someone says feels good.May… Continue reading Let’s be Real

Not all those who wander are lost.