The In Betweens

I’m a mess in this moment, you guys. You’re probably looking at this picture and just seeing a kid walking out the door for his first day of sophomore year… No big deal, right? But you know what I see? I see my little boy with his Spiderman backpack on his first day of kindergarten.… Continue reading The In Betweens


I guess it’s a thing.You’re supposed to get married, buy a house, and then have kids.Well…Today is our 10th wedding anniversary.We’ve been living in our home for over 11 years.Our kids are 12 and 14.So…It’s safe to say we do things a little backwards.A little opposite.But my husband and I Live and Love fully embracing… Continue reading Opposites…

To The New Baseball Mama

Hey Mama, I see you’re about to sign your boy up for Little League, so I feel I should warn you. You’re about to sign up for more than endless sun-beaten hours, sitting on rickety old bleachers at a dust-swept ball field. You’re also signing up for awkward first encounters with new parents.For a backseat… Continue reading To The New Baseball Mama

Not all those who wander are lost.