Dear Friends,

As this holiday season picks up, I just wanted to send out a gentle reminder…

It’s not about the baseboards.
It’s not about whether they gleam or are covered in scuffs.

It’s not about the outfits.
Ripping off new tags or tattered hand-me-downs.

It’s not about the table settings.
Fine china or paper plates.

It’s not about the decor.
Pottery barn or dollar store.

It’s not about the food.
Homemade, store-bought or takeout.

It’s not about the things.

It’s about the moments

It’s about the people.

It’s about the love.

I know it’s easy to get caught up in all of the things in these coming weeks.

But may we all remember to settle ourselves for a time to take it all in.

To look around the room.

Wrap ourselves up in this moment.

Indulge in the presence of our people.

Soak in all of the love.

And be grateful. ♥️

5 thoughts on “Grateful…”

  1. Absolutely beautiful words to live by. We miss so much, catching a call, sending a text, hanging out on social media…never thinking this could be the last get together, the last meal together, the last time we’re all in the same room but miles and miles away because of our phones…

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