Here’s to the Friends

Here’s to the friends who sit beside us.

The ones who come without needing an invitation.

The ones who hear, “I’m fine,” and show up on our doorstep anyway.

The ones who walk, unfazed, into our mess and plop themselves right smack down in the middle of it.

The ones who don’t downplay our storms with reminders of sunshine & rainbows, but hold us through the gales.

The ones who cheer for us, even if it’s only for getting out of bed.

The ones who know when it’s time to ask the tough questions. Help us make the tough moves.

The ones who are always ready to stand up or throw down for us.

The ones who hold our hearts and our dreams with tenderness and respect.

The ones who hug our children, love our children, as if they were their own.

Here’s to the friends who show up.

And sit beside us.

Through it all.


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