I guess it’s a thing.
You’re supposed to get married, buy a house, and then have kids.
Today is our 10th wedding anniversary.
We’ve been living in our home for over 11 years.
Our kids are 12 and 14.
It’s safe to say we do things a little backwards.
A little opposite.
But my husband and I Live and Love fully embracing the power of Opposites.
We couldn’t be more opposite of each other.
He loves the feel of a new pair of sneakers as much as I love the feel of grass beneath my bare feet.
While I find my peace in the mountains, he finds his at the ocean.
He likes the lights on, I like the darkness.
I’m all for chocolate. He likes vanilla.
He enjoys the silence of a long car ride, while I have the speakers blaring, belting out every word to my favorite songs.
I like to hug. All he wants to do is kiss.
He doesn’t dance, and I… well… I never stop dancing.
I talk to everyone, anyone. He likes to keep to himself.
He eats to stay alive. I live to eat!
On our days off, he’s up at the crack of dawn, ready to tackle the world. While I only really come alive when the stars come out.
Where he thrives in order and cleanliness, I blossom beneath a mess of creative disorder.
I’m a little, maybe a lot, out there. I float among the cosmos. I have a drifter’s soul and travel with my feet off the ground. And he’s the grounding force that pulls me back to Earth.
He’s my checks. I’m his challenges.
You see, we are the yin and the yang.
We not only complement each other, we make each other whole. Make each other the best we can be by the power of our differences.
And that’s the fun of it.
We may never see eye to eye, never bend to each other. But we have an amazing respect, an incredible love for our differences.
While the world may frown upon our failure to submit to the expected, we thrive on it.
Being different opens up an opportunity to be amazingly great… not despite, but because of it.
I love that I married a man who is so opposite from me. It shows our children that we don’t have to agree to have love for one another.
That we can find harmony in difference.
I love the light that he shines on me, and that he meets me in the dark.
Today, and everyday, I’ll celebrate our opposing forces.
Happy Anniversary, My Love!

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