March Madness


I’ve damn near lost my mind.

I’m caught in a state of dismal disillusion. Staggering toward the edge of insanity.

Indoor tedium is destroying me. The sound of the mini basketball is thumping down my resolve as I drown in Tupperware containers full of slime.

April’s around the corner. Promises of spring abound, but in true New England fashion, we’re still trudging through inches of snow. Winter hit us with one (hopefully) last hurrah to remind us which Mother is really in charge.

We’ve been kept inside for far too long. Our skin has paled, our hair darkened, our bellies rounded. Can you blame us? What else is there to do but eat these blues away? (and maybe play some Fortnite😊)

The white flakes that laid a pristine blanket over the landscape have turned to dirty snud… an ugly mixture of snow and mud. Where last month, animated snow creatures textured our yard, we’re now privy to the view of forgotten relics emerging from the melting snow. An old baseball pitchback, a half-deflated soccer ball, a rust-speckled scooter. They seem as lonely and disheartened as myself, awaiting the day they’re brought back to life.

We’re all craving the same thing.

The spring.

The sunshine.

I can imagine warm light seeping through my eyelids. Feel the heat on my skin. Smell the air, full and fragrant with possibility and renewal that only springtime can offer.

If you’re anything like me, you’re sitting on your computer, researching warm weather retreats. Maybe a hike in the mountains, a beach house getaway, a new firepit for your backyard staycation. Anything that gets you out of these padded walls and into the outdoors.

While this insanity is clawing at me, I’m going to take a minute to recognize it as a primal urge. A reminder that even though we’ve become a screen-obsessed society, we’re still inherently connected to our Wild. Connected to the Elements. We will always crave a seat by the fire, a swim in the water, a walk on a sandy beach, and a dance with the warm winds.

It makes me wonder… Maybe March feeds us a bit of madness so that we meet Spring with renewed clarity of mind. That when the good weather finally comes, we’re more than ready to embrace it, to live it. I know the moment I wake to hear birds singing, see the buds on the trees, feel the warmth of the sun, I’ll be ready to take my children by the hand and get out into the Wild.


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