Raise Her Wild

The world is Loud.

We can get loud too.

Just picture yourself behind the steering wheel, whirring through the busy streets to get the kids to their next practice, lesson or game. Music is blaring. You’re belting out your song when some bastard cuts you off. Out comes a well-deserved F-bomb you’d never dare say to the face of another human… but there you are, victim to your surroundings. You let the world suck you in and a piece of your Wild slips out. You take a look in the rear view to see the kids, wide-eyed at the strange woman who just let loose some feral piece of herself. That was a Wild you just set free. Yep. That’s a piece of us all. Wild Women.

But… there is another side to our Wild. A deeper one we meet when the street comes to an end. Where the grass grows free, and trees beckon.

When the world get’s too loud, I make it a point to escape to a place where I can hear my Wild heart. The soft voice of my being, gently strumming at my soul. The noise of the world may try to drown it out, but I’m determined to teach my children to listen to the inherent calling.

Our Wild is our connection to the elemental; it’s what we are made of rather than what the world wills us to be. It is the pull of the tide by the shoreline, the draw of the flames in the fire, the song of wind in the sunshine, and the grounding force of the Earth beneath our feet. We are all aware of its power, we just need to learn to harness it. It only comes from looking within ourselves.

Those f-bombs, and moments of recklessness are just fragments of what makes us Wild. They are only bits and pieces of what really connect us to the Wild Women (or Men) we all harbor within.

I’d love for you to take a journey to tap your Wild with me. And if you’re raising a strong child, let’s try to Raise her Wild.